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Q-DCC-2 es un adaptador que conecta módulos FV de toma CC que utilicen Amphenol UTX/H4 con microinversores de la serie IQ (IQ series™).
€ 7.44

Enphase Bi-Directional Charger

The North American company Enphase, specialized in the development of microinverters, has presented a domestic charger for electric cars that has the peculiarity of having bidirectional capacity. A technology that will be key in the future where vehicle batteries will form part of the electrical system.
€ 0.00

Extensión de garantía Microinversor DS3 - 10 a 20 años

El registro de la garantía extendida requiere su adquisición y disponer de una unidad ECU que comunique el equipo/s a internet.
€ 12.40

Inversor APstorage PCS-ELS-3K

APstorage introduces its first generation of intelligent power conversion systems (PCS) with the ELS-5K battery charger solution.
€ 1354.55

PCS-ELS-5K AP Storage Inverter

APstorage introduces its first generation of intelligent power conversion systems (PCS) with the ELS-5K battery charger solution.
€ 1627.27

Inversor Cargador KOSTAL PIKO MP plus

El PIKO MP plus puede utilizarse junto con el KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter como un inversor cargador. Como equipo monofásico en las clases de potencia de 1,5 a 5,0 kW, el PIKO MP plus es perfecto para el repowering de una solución de almacenamiento para muchas instalaciones fotovoltaicas existentes .
€ 608.26

Inversor Ingecon Sun Storage 1Play 3/6TL M

These INGECON SUN STORAGE 1Play battery inverters are single-phase equipment that allow a bidirectional power flow between the batteries and the consumptions. This inverter can create isolated networks by generating an alternate network, acting as network managers and achieving a balance between generation, accumulation and consumption, since they control the flow of energy between the network and the batteries at all times.
€ 1627.27

APsystems DS3 Microinverter

APsystems third generation dual microinverter is reaching power outputs of 730VA or 880VA to accommodate today's largest power module. With 2 independent MPPT, encrypted Zigbee signals, DS3-L and DS3 benefit from a new architecture and are compatible with QS1 and YC600 microinverters. Components are encapsulated with silicone to reduce stress on electronics, facilitate heat dissipation, improve waterproof properties, and ensure maximum system reliability through rigorous testing methods including accelerated life testing. 24/7 power access via apps or a web portal facilitates remote diagnostics and maintenance. The new DS3 series is interactive with electrical grids through a function called RPC (Reactive Power Control) to better manage PV power spikes on the grid.
€ 238.84 € 184.30